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About Cooke's Hope

Cooke’s Hope consists of approximately 450 acres of land, defined on the North by the Oxford Road, and on the West by Peachblossom Creek.


The Cooke’s Hope community has been intentionally cushioned within large areas of open space and related amenities and improvements. This model, and the consequential perpetual responsibilities associated with its implementation, has necessitated the establishment of a homeowners association. The Cooke’s Hope Homeowners Association bears the responsibility to maintain these common areas and facilities for the benefit of all of our residents. These common areas consist of the following:

These common areas consist of the following:

1. All roads and streets, including road shoulders, and

associated sidewalks.
2. Tennis Facilities
3. Fitness Center
4. Picnic Pavilion near wildlife habitat
5. Community dock, parking and surrounding area

6. Wheeler Park
7. Village Park at Outram and School House #2 Lane
8.  Ponds
9. Dog Park
10. Five miles of walking trails

11. The Cooke's Hope Barn


The HOA is the repository for all of the common areas. 


The association is funded in an amount sufficient to cover common area maintenance expense, by the assessment of annual dues, payable by each property owner in Cooke’s Hope.   Annual homeowner dues are computed to cover expenses necessary to maintain the common areas, garbage collection and the administrative costs of the association.


Some property owners have asked why some required maintenance, such as easement bed maintenance and fertilization and herbicide/pesticide treatment, is not covered under the annual homeowner’s dues regime. While common area maintenance is fairly allocated among residents on a one-home, one-share basis, the time and materials necessary to perform services, like Village front yard maintenance, vary depending on lot size, improvements and landscape plan. It would not be fair to allocate all such maintenance expenses among residents in equal shares. The cost variations for easement area grass cutting in the Village, Hedges and Galloways, which is performed by the association’s approved contractor, results in an extra required maintenance fee expense for those residents based on yard size. Additionally, the other Village, Hedges and Galloways easement area services are performed by outside contractors (i.e. fertilization and pest control), who provide annual services quotations on a yard-by-yard basis. As such, we feel those expenses should be passed through at differentiated cost and not lumped into everyone’s dues as a shared homeowner’s expense.  Yard maintenance outside the easement area is the responsibility of each homeowner.

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